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    1. NOK and SEK, two different realities – Danske Bank

      NOK and SEK, two different realities – Danske Bank

      FXStreet (Edinburgh) - Pernille Nielsen, Analyst at Danske Bank, observes the different outlooks for EUR/NOK and EUR/SEK . Key Quotes “EUR/NOK saw a bit of support the last couple of trading days as the market liquidity has been very thin. We do not believe the moves reflects that EUR/NOK will start a new trend higher this week, especially as oil is trading at a seven-week high”.

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    2. Sterling surge cuts both ways

      Sterling surge cuts both ways
      Delphine Strauss writes in the FT, "Fresh evidence of the UK’s accelerating recovery propelled the pound to a five-year high against the dollar last week – just as Burberry became the latest in a string of companies to warn that the exchange rate would hit 2014 profits." The GBP is on the rise as the UK is growing faster than other big economies, but wonks warn that a too-strong pound could kibosh that very recovery.
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    3. US Consumer Confidence Climbs

      US Consumer Confidence Climbs

      Consumer confidence rose from a nine-week low as Americans grew more upbeat about the economy, their finances and the buying climate.

      The Bloomberg Consumer Comfort (COMFCOMF) Index rose to minus 29.1 in the period ended April 13 from minus 31.9 the prior week, the weakest reading since the start of February. The monthly economic expectations gauge improved in April after falling to a four-month low.

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    4. WTI Crude Technicals – 104.0 Broken But Follow-Through Suspect

      WTI Crude Technicals – 104.0 Broken But Follow-Through Suspect

      WTI Crude has been staying between 103.0 – 104.0 for most of the entire week, but prices suddenly shot up during early European session, pushing beyond the high of Monday and leading prices to the highest level since 6th March. This gain is certainly surprising given that latest inventory data from the American Petroleum Institute reflected a gain of 7.6 million barrels build up when analysts were expecting a similar report by the US Department of Energy to reflect a much smaller 2.25 million gain. Not only that, Chinese Industrial Production figures came in lower than expected ...

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